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Don't dream of it. Train for it.

For over 30 years (yes, I’m experienced) I’ve worked with 1000’s of people from all walks of life and have found that there is no, “one fits all approach” to helping clients achieve their goals.  


Personal Training or Fitness Coaching is all about finding the right path for the individual to achieve their optimum health and fitness.

As a very overweight 22-year-old, I took my first terrified steps into a gym.  With the loving care, support and friendship from the owners and instructors
I reached my goal weight within a year and was inspired to start teaching aerobics myself.  


30 years later and I’m still passionate about helping people achieve their health & fitness goals.
Melissa Hughes

Functional Strength & conditioning Coach



“To create the magic in a workout that empowers people to believe they can do and achieve anything”


Starting my career as an Aerobics Instructor in the late 1980’s, and yes I wore lycra and leg warmers!  I now focus my time as a Functional Strength and Conditioning Coach, Pilates Teacher, Mobility/Flexibility and my big passion – Indoor Cycling. 


I work with people of all ages, but especially enjoy working with the more ‘mature’ client who wants to move better and feel better in the later years (40+)! It is never too late to start an exercise program and it’s incredibly rewarding to see my clients fitter, happier and more confident than ever.  There is life during and after menopause!

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Mobility & Flexibility

  • Special Condition Clients

  • General Fitness

  • Weight Management

  • Small Group Training

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Indoor Cycling starts with just one pedal stroke. 


The passion and the drive in helping change people’s lives is both
rewarding and incredibly addictive.


This Indoor Cycling Course will give you the tools you need to
deliver classes that are safe, effective and really pack a punch. 

Finding your Indoor Cycling X-Factor is about being totally committed to delivering outstanding classes using exciting music, effective cues and imagery which are inclusive to all participants whether a beginner or an advanced cyclist. You will be able to deliver a class that will leave your participants begging for more.

We offer post course mentoring which will further assist you in
being ready to teach with confidence that you can deliver
'X Factor' Magic'.

I challenge you to find your personal X-Factor!
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Wake up and Workout.

I have had the privilege of being guided and taught by Mel over the past 5 years. After my 2nd pregnancy she helped me pre and post with Personal Training sessions and pregnancy Pilates.
Helping me get my body to its best inside and out. Mel’s knowledge and education of Pilates is unbelievable. Thank you, Mel, for pushing me when and where and making me love Pilates to the core!

Gail M


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